What lies beyond our expertise?

Since its founding in 2012, SDS Life Science has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of handpicked specialists with regulatory and scientific knowledge in medicinal product development and statistics. Our ambition is to guide our clients in transforming their research hypotheses into full clinical studies. We adopt a holistic approach in collaboration with our clients to provide the best solutions for each unique project. Our passion is to solve those tricky questions which have no obvious answers.

SDS Life Science consists of a diverse group of people - talented and senior consultants, focused directors, a meticulous administrative staff and creative minds - and we firmly believe that it is their stories that make up the story of SDS. By watching the short films below, you will understand our purpose, culture, expertise, our history, and our future. We are the stories we tell. 


Anna Torrång, Director of Biostatistics

A cold cappuccino and a forgotten blueberry pie ☕

For our co-founder Anna Torrång, the SDS journey started with a cold cappuccino and a forgotten blueberry pie. Anna tells the story of how she first met with our co-founder Anna Törner and the role statisticians play in drug development.

Niclas Sjögren, Senior Consultant, Statistics

Niclas wants to contribute to a cure for Alzheimer's disease 🧠

By using statistics, our consultants at SDS Life Science tries to solve the largest mysteries out there. Meet our senior consultant Niclas who dreams about finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Jens Hansson, Chairman of the Board & Former CEO

What makes a business like SDS Life Science go forward? 🚴‍♂️

What makes SDS Life Science tick and reach new heights? If you ask our chairman of the board, Jens Hansson, the answer is clear - it is about our people, team spirit, and commitment towards each other.

Erika Spens, Director of Regulatory Affairs

Making the right decisions at the right time ⏳

Erika Spens talks about how SDS helps life science companies to do the right thing at the right time, as well as the feeling of mastering challenging situations that in the end is rewarding.

Robert Szulkin, Senior Consultant, Biostatistics

3 points in biostatistics 🏀

Apart from being a good basketball player, Robert makes use of his knowledge and skills in Real-World Evidence to make the incomprehensible comprehensible.

Anita Annas, Senior Consultant, Toxicology

A multiple-ingredient toxicologist 🎂

Anita Annas is not only an incredibly skillful toxicologist. She also makes our days better when she brings her pastries to work. Luckily for us, that is not a rare occurance.




Our History


Gang of Four

SDS Life Science was founded in July 2012 as a spin-off to Scandinavian Regulatory Services. The intention was to create a company focused on drug development, rather than taking care of products already on the market. Anna Törner was the founder, within a year the company counted four people including Anna Torrång and Anna Sandholm. Unbeknownst to us, we had no idea of the journey ahead. What the four of us had in spades, however, was endless curiosity and a clear-cut client need. 


Formation of the Clinical Project Management Department

Have you ever sent one of your employees to Ecuador to check our trial facilities? We have. It was one of our first and most adventurous projects for our newly started Clinical Project Management group. Having been in business for almost two years and picking up speed in Drug Development and Biostatistics we realised clients need help with clinical development and project management. Anna Koch was the first to lead our Clinical Project Management Group which today is a well established department within SDS. 


Creating a Medical Device Department

Over time we recognised that many projects involve expertise related to medical device development. Sending these projects to external service providers didn’t give us the tight cooperation with the drug development experts we the project would benefit from. Stina Johansen was the first person heading up device services in SDS. To the benefit of our clients, they suddenly had drug development AND medical device expertise just around the corner. Little did we know that this first seedling would develop into a stand-alone company, SDS MedteQ, just a few years later.


The Medtech Department Branches Off

2020 was the year of the pandemic. While we all started to work from home, this year marked an opportunity for restructuring and reorganization. To further position SDS as a medtech consultancy to be reckonned with, our medtech department branched off into its own company – SDS MedteQ. With CEO Anna-Karin Alm at the helm, SDS MedteQ guides medtech companies through regulatory, quality and strategic challenges of medical devices, IVD or combination products.

SDS MedteQ


Conquering the Land of Spettekakor

With Lund being the second-largest Life Science Region in Sweden, the south of Sweden is an ideal area to establish a joint SDS Life Science and SDS MedteQ office. The office is developing quickly and SDS is insanely proud to conquer also the land of spettekakor and indecipherable vowels.


Moving HQ to Hagastaden

A growing client base and, consequently, a growing staff of consultants made it impossible for the SDS Group’s HQ to stay in the current office in Danderyd. We decided to move to the life science cluster in Hagastaden, close to the Karolinska institute. From here on, you can find us at Sankt Eriksgatan 113.  


The SDS group joins Cytel Inc.

There was plenty of excitement in the air at the office when it was announced that Cytel Inc, a leading provider of statistical software and advanced analysis tools for clinical study design, had agreed to acquire SDS Life Science AB and SDS MedteQ AB. Since 2012, the SDS Group has been privately run and has had stable organic growth. But as part of Cytel's consulting group, SDS can offer services on an even broader strategic level. The acquisition of SDS will also strengthen Cytel, which now has more competencies at its disposal. 


What the Future Holds

We don’t know what the future holds for SDS, but we do know that we will continue our quest to contribute to making the life science industry more successful by offering our services with real knowledge whilst always keeping our clients best at heart. Our vision is to be the real game-changer for small and medium sized companies - contributing to their success. By continuously developing our business - we are sure our 50+ staff of consultants will make this a reality.

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