Our distinction is our multidisciplinarity

We combine excellence and experience

Since its founding in 2012, Scandinavian Development Services has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of handpicked specialists with regulatory and scientific knowledge in medicinal product development and statistics. Our ambition is to guide our clients in transforming their research hypotheses into full clinical studies. We adopt a holistic approach in collaboration with our clients to provide the best solutions for each unique project. Our passion is to solve those tricky questions which have no obvious answers.

Meet some of our consultants

My aim is to secure the CMC part of the strategy

Bengt Erlandsson, PhD, Senior Advisor Pharmaceutical Development:

“All projects are unique and has its own challenges. They need to be identified, scrutinized and divided into smaller pieces for which you can find a solution. As a Senior Pharmaceutical Advisor, I can help with relating the CMC specific challenges with regulatory guidances and adopt those to the specific challenges in the project and also use my personal experience, to present a good way forward for the project. As an Advisor I will assure that the CMC part of the project runs seamlessly from start to finish.”

Passionate about getting the dosing right!

Anna Nordmark, PhD, Senior Advisor in Clinical Pharmacology

“I am passionate about providing the right dose and dosage regimen to every patient not only those studied during phase 2/3. Each patient comes with special challenges, for example, a patient can have a possible drug interaction, or it can be a patient with kidney or liver impairment. Also, what is important is not to forget the children. To achieve this, it is important to plan the Clinical pharmacology and DMPK package during the drug development process which in turn allows access to the right information at the right time”.

Effective communication is key for the way forward

Anneli Tinnerholm, Clinical Project Management advisor:

My passion lies in transforming scientific research discoveries into full clinical studies. In SDS Clinical Project Management, we work with a wide spectrum of drug-development projects from Phase I (first-in-human) to Phase III clinical trials. Each project is unique with its own challenges to overcome. As a Clinical Project Management Advisor, my role is to guide and support our clients through their clinical development phase from the design of the study, regulatory interactions to coordination of the CROs. Through effective communication and engaged problem solving, it is incredibly stimulating to find the best solution and way forward for each client.

Turning biostatistics from difficult to accessible

Robert Szulkin, PhD Epidemiology, Senior advisor at SDS Biostatistics, about his lectures in biostatistics:

“Most of my students and clients have non-mathematical backgrounds, so they anxiously anticipate the biostatistics course to be daunting and difficult. With this in mind, I try to explain the intricacies of subjects such as logistic regression and survival analysis in an easily accessible way. I truly enjoy teaching and find it rewarding to see that participants by the end of the course, master a variety of statistical methods, which I believe, will be very useful for their future research projects or drug development programs.”

A simple biostatistics tool can be the key to the right decision

Annica Dominicus, PhD, Senior Advisor Statistics, expert on clinical trial design and analysis:

”With increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for efficient study designs and data analysis, each study presents its own challenges and may require advanced statistical theory and simulation. However, even in the most challenging cases, a simple statistical tool, used in the right way, can be the key to taking the right decision. That’s the beauty of this work.”