SDS Life Science are now a part of Cytel Inc.

Ensures a stronger customer offer

Cytel Inc, a leading provider of statistical software and advanced analytics tools for clinical study design, has agreed to acquire SDS Life Science AB and SDS MedteQ AB. The acquisition ensures a stronger customer offer for the SDS companies and an even more substantial competitive advantage in statistics and study design.

Since 2012, SDS Life Science AB and SDS MedteQ AB have been privately run and have had stable organic growth. In the last fiscal year (2021), SDS Life Science had a turnover of SEK 78.6 million. At the time of writing (Oct 2022), the company group has approximately 60 employees. The acquisition means that SDS can look forward to even faster growth and a strengthened customer offer.  

As part of Cytel's consulting group, SDS can offer services on an even broader strategic level. The acquisition of SDS will also strengthen Cytel, which now has more competencies at its disposal. Cytel will help SDS grow in important strategic segments such as study design and real-world evidence. At the same time, SDS will help Cytel develop in drug development, regulatory affairs and project management, real world evidence, and medical technology.  

‘’We see that it will benefit the innovative Nordic life science industry and, ultimately, patients. Together we become extremely strong, and I look forward to the next step in SDS's development,'' says Anna Törner, founder of SDS.  

For SDS customers and employees, few things will change. The leadership, consisting of, among others, CEOs Maria Lundberg (SDS Life Science) and founder Anna Törner remains. 

''This is a huge step in SDS's history, and it will be exciting to create a joint offer with Cytel, adding their software and knowledge to our offer. This will provide synergy effects that benefit both companies' customers,'' says Maria Lundberg. 

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