A team of trusted experts

SDS helps you to integrate statistical expertise and experience of medical research and drug development into your biostatistics project.

SDS Biostatistics are a team of trusted experts in the use of statistical methods for medical applications. Our accomplished statisticians offer a wide range of services to our clients from the design and analysis of clinical trials in all development phases to an in-depth customised statistical analysis of epidemiological and observational studies, as well as specialised academic projects ranging from registry studies and lab studies to questionnaires.

Our statisticians work in collaboration with our regulatory experts adopting a holistic approach to help our clients avoid costly mistakes and conduct statistically well-designed studies in accordance with regulatory standards.

Every statistical problem is unique and requires great attention to detail, experience and expert knowledge. We strive to integrate our expertise, experience of medical research and drug development, with our commitment to well-communicated statistics into our client’s project.

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