Procurement for CRO and vendor services

Minimize risk and optimize efficiency during CRO and vendor procurement

A clinical product requires a magnitude of specialties to succeed and reach the market. One critical aspect often overlooked is the procurement of Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and vendor services. Without a proper procurement process, organizations risk several consequences in their development process.

Consequences of a lacking procurement process

  • Costly delays: Inefficient vendor selection and poor vendor performance can lead to delays in the trial that are not only frustrating but also expensive.
  • Reduced quality of data: Subpar performance from CROs and vendors can lead to lower-quality data that puts the validity of the trial results at risk.
  • Increased risk of trial failure: Vendors not performing to the required standard can lead to trial failure, which is costly and time-consuming to recover from.
  • Disputes and legal issues: Contractual issues can lead to disputes between organizations and their partners, putting the trial at risk and consuming valuable time and resources.

How SDS Life Science can help

SDS Life Science can ensure a suitable procurement process based on your current company needs, performed through methodical procedures, including documentation required by ICH-GCP E6(R2).

Our procurement services reduce the risk of failing to complete your clinical trial and avoid unnecessary delays if company resources and expertise are limited.

Our Services

  • Define the Scope of Work (SOW) for the services to be outsourced to a vendor.
  • Identification of potential vendors.
  • Sending Request for Information (RFI) to potential vendors to gather information regarding the vendor’s capability to take on the services requested.
  • Perform vendor qualification.
  • Perform bid defense meetings.
  • Coordinate company evaluation meetings and follow-up questions to vendors.
  • Document and evaluate vendor bids and responses to follow-up questions.
  • Perform and document vendor selection.
  • Participate in vendor audits.
  • Vendor management, including clinical project management and sponsor oversight.

All activities above are performed in collaboration with involved internal company functions as requested.

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