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Efficacy and safety are two cornerstones of drug development. But drug development is hard work. Ensuring drug efficacy (does the drug, for example, lower blood pressure as it is supposed to do?) and safety (unwanted side effects) relies on a well-structured process with the highest quality in mind.

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What characterizes a well-structured process? Doing the right things at the right time. Doing so will enhance your chances to obtain good study results regarding efficacy and safety and, reduce the risk to get poor study results and a drug formulation that is not up to par with your claims.

Moreover, a flawed toxicology study can result in prolonged animal testing which, in turn, extends the time before your first-in-human trials. So, there’s a reason why quality, efficacy and safety, should take top priority for pharmaceutical companies

Areas of expertise 

SDS Life Science expertise spans the whole drug development journey, from idea to patient. Whether it is small molecules or biologics including vaccines, new modalities, or advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), SDS Life Science can lead and coordinate the way. We can help with formulation development to the design of non-clinical programs, from regulatory strategies and clinical study designs.



What happens at our first meeting? 🤝

A first meeting is a good start. At the initial meeting, experts from SDS Life Science will do an inventory of your project. By mapping what competencies you have in-house and where you are in the process we can quickly identify what competencies you are in need of. 

The first meeting is, of course, free of charge. 

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