Identify missing pieces in the development program

A gap analysis identifies any missing pieces or elements in the drug development program and fills those gaps with specific action items. At its core, the purpose of a gap analysis is to assure that you got things covered.

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By evaluating possible gaps, SDS Life Science can advise you on the adequacy of your non-clinical, clinical and quality packages and if they´re up to par with the demands from regulatory authorities. Due diligence is essentially a version of a gap analysis but from a different perspective. A due diligence process evaluates OTHER companies and projects rather than your own. Gap analyses are done by the developers of a company or project and a due diligence analysis is done by the buyers to ensure a successful acquisition.

Benefits of a gap analysis or due diligence

  • Helps to find missing pieces in your drug development program.
  • Helps to assess risks from a business perspective. This is especially true for due diligence. 
  • Helps to prioritize needs for market approval. 
  • Helps to assess current performance with target performance.
  • Helps to ensure that you are using your resources and capital to their fullest potential. 
  • It provides a list of recommended actions to fill your gaps. 
  • Supports strategic decision-making. 
  • Most importantly, a gap analysis creates value for your project.

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